Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ok, so I've been a very very bad blogger. I've been so tired and its been a weird week since J stayed home and took an online class. Everything has felt rather out of whack.

Tuesday I was supposed to have my midwife 6 week checkup. I got all the way over there only to find out it was on MONDAY. I think they made a mistake because I distinctly recall scheduling it for the first. I never make appointments on Monday. Anyway, my midwife is out of the summer so I can't even see her for my follow up :( I cried the whole way home for some reason. Stupid hormones!

I was in a fender-bender on Thursday. Sigh. It was totally my fault. Just a bad judgment call. It was a very slow and low impact collision, but our front bumper needs to be replaced (you can't even tell anything is wrong unless you stare at it, but we want to repair it and take care of our car). The other guy got it worse, being the smaller car and all. His front headlight was smashed, bumper shredded and hood pushed up just slightly. No one was hurt, and the kids in both cars didn't even know anything had happened. Still, sigh. We had to skip our playdate with April so that we could get the car checked out and that made the kids very unhappy. So I ended up letting them make cookies with me.

The Fourth was a low-key affair with just family hanging out at Mom's and setting off the boring safe and sane fireworks. We arrived home around 10pm and man, was our street a-rockin'. I've never heard such loud and constant neighborhood fireworks. The cul-de-sac's on either side of us had very impressive shows and they were going off literally right above our house. From the time we got home till 1am, they were non-stop. Even when the ones right next to us stopped, you could hear them from the streets over and it was freaking impressive.

Today Grandpa Les and Grandma Karen came up to see Elsa and visit. We loved having them! They stayed for dinner and I dare say I'm not sure who got more of a workout... Grandpa Les or the kids. They had him running all over the yard and house!

I still haven't looked through any of the wedding pictures yet. I'm so bad. Maybe tomorrow, since after that I don't think I'll have time to do it before we leave on our next adventure... to Spokane for two days, then on to Idaho for my cousin's wedding.

Oh, my friend April mentioned Wordle and I had to check it out. Basically you enter a URL and it shows what words are most commonly used. For my blog, it doesn't scan all my blog posts, just the ones on the main page so its a little slanted to recent events. In any case, I found it interesting how many food terms were in it. The size of the word correlates to usage. Bigger the word, the more you've used it.

Here's mine. Click on it for a larger picture

Ok, off to put the kids to bed.

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