Monday, June 30, 2008

Whew. Wow. What a weekend. It felt like one of the most exhausting of my life! Thursday through Saturday we were out till at least 10pm, with very short or no naps at all. By Sunday, everyone was totally fried.

Michelle's wedding was beautiful and went off with nary a hitch. The kids did GREAT in their roles and sat patiently through the entire ceremony, even though Ethan was struggling badly with allergies. I was so proud.

Saturday morning we went to the zoo with the eastern Washington clan (plus a few extra) and despite a VERY rough start with terrible traffic, no parking, high temperatures and crowds galore, we did have fun. Directly after getting home I hopped in the shower, changed the kids and we were off to my Mom's. The kids and J hung out there while I headed next door to Brynne's house for her bachelorette party. I'd never been to one before and I have to say it was quite funny. We played various games, including one that required carving of a cucumber. I won that one!

Sunday we did nothing but putter around the house. We needed a low stress day and while we didn't go anywhere it wasn't exactly low stress. The kids and Elsa were out of sorts and being very challenging. Elsa in particular was frazzled from being held by so many different people and the non-stop activity and was attached to me and nursing constantly. That generally doesn't put me in a good mood either, so yesterday wasn't all that fun. And it was REALLY hot too, which helped no one.

Today is a bit cooler thank goodness and the kids and I are getting along better. Elsa seems more settled as well. I have lots of pictures that I need to go through, so those will be popping up here and there as I find the time.

Can you believe that tomorrow I go in for my 6 week checkup with the midwife? As of today, little Elsa is 6 weeks old! Where does the time fly?

Its rather irritating... I was looking around for some toys for Elsa because yesterday when i was bathing her she saw herself in the mirror and couldn't stop smiling. I thought I had a baby mirror around here, but apparently I gave it away. So I started looking for the toy arch that hooks onto the carseat because I wanted to see if that would distract her from screaming every time we go anywhere. Couldn't find that either. Looks like I gave away every single one of my baby toys. What is wrong with me? I have this vague remembrance of being irritated by the number of toys we had, and that many of them were for little babies and therefore weren't being played with and so I bagged them up and... well, I must have freecycled them. Doh. I'm not very bright, eh? Especially since I'm pretty sure I did all that AFTER I was pregnant. Brilliant!


Bethany said...

Gwen and Ethan were GREAT during the cerimony! Seriously, I've never seen kids behave so well during such a long period of time where they couldn't make a peep! Ethan was cracking us up with his waving too.

Alexis said...

Simply great and lovely kids!!

Wendy said...

This will seem weird coming from a complete stranger, but my husband googled our children's names recently (their picture was going to appear in a local paper) and YOUR blog came up. Apparently your daughters are named Gwen and Elsa, too. We don't have an Ethan, though. Gwen's middle initial is also R and her birthday is April 25th, 2003 - it's all just very twilight zone. Thought you should know! Our email is and I can give you access to our private blog if you're curious as we were. What are the odds? Your kids are adorable by the way.