Friday, June 13, 2008

I can't believe I forgot to mention that my parents have the kids for two nights. I dropped them off last night and we'll pick them up Saturday evening. How nice is that?

We went to Alligator Soul last night and I had probably the best meal I've ever eaten there. It was a giant, double cut, 12 oz pork chop on top of sweet potato fries and a rosemary/garlic gravy. My description doesn't do it justice. Oh, it was topped with an apple/bacon combination too. SO GOOD. So enormous. J had the 16 oz steak with yummy stuff on it too, and that also was so enormous. I indulged in a mint julep which was potent enough that I believed I may have breathed fire after sipping it a little too fast. We were there about 1 1/2 hours and that one drink lasted me the entire time. It was too strong to drink otherwise. Good times though.

Afterwards we went to Borders and I looked for a baby book (or as I'm learning they are called "memory keepsake books". Apparently, Everett doesn't carry keepsake books because I've searched every major store in the area with no luck. I found one at a Hallmark store, but unfortunately, it would only highlight what a bad record keeper I am. I need a book that makes me look like I was somewhat diligent, not one that will show I didn't record baby's first belch and other inane details (I'm not joking, baby's first hiccup and belch were listed in this book). So I'll have to trek down to Lynnwood at some point and go to Babies R Us to get one.

This morning I'm going to do my grocery shopping, then come home and catch up on filling out Ethan's and Gwen's baby books. We'll likely eat in tonight (I have a recipe I want to try that looks awesome!) and then watch, *gulp* 300. I don't want to watch it at all, but Jason really does and if I don't make him watch it we'll hold onto the Netflix for ages and it will really bother me so I'm going to bite the bullet and watch it with him. But I'll hate every minute of it. Its so not my type of movie.

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