Thursday, June 05, 2008

After having numerous people ask me if I'm ok, I realized that I better update my blog so that folks didn't think I'd really lost my brain after Monday and was in the throes of depression or something :)

We've been pretty much housebound all week, except that we went out for Gwen's gymnastics on Tuesday. Mom met me there to pass on some clothes and ended up staying and entertaining Ethan the whole time, which was so nice! I think it would have bothered him more that Gwen was doing something fun and he wasn't if she hadn't been there. Thanks Mom!

Today, April and I tried to be good Mommies and give our kids outside play time, but ended up missing a total drenching by just a few minutes. It started out as a slow drizzle and then got me heavier and heavier until we madly dashed for the car and it became an all out downpour. So we headed to a local McD's and let the kids play for a few hours and eat lunch. I snapped this picture of Elsa smiling in her sleep. Actually its the tail end of a really big cute smile but I couldn't get my camera in time.

I suppose it was on Sunday that we took the kids to the park. We brought their bikes and they had a good time.

Ethan made a friend about his age. This child has a name, but both my kids refer to him as "Stinky Feet" because he took off his shoes when Ethan was trying to climb the slide and stuck his feet in Ethan's face, resulting in Ethan being totally disgusted and horrified by the stench. Hence, "Stinky Feet" is how this child will always be remembered. This is the park that we were rained out of today and both my kids expressed concern that "Stinky Feet" would be there. Luckily, he was not.

Ever-daring Gwen

In other news... Angry baby.

Content baby.

Silly babies.

Today I was thrilled to receive a necklace that I ordered last week. I heard about Lisa Leonard from a blog post on Confessions of a CF Husband (the blog I pull the feed above from). I'm not one for jewelry, and when I do wear it I like it to be a bit unconventional and small, especially when it comes to necklaces. So when I saw this teenie tiny initials necklace, I was immediately drawn to it and wanted each of the kids initials. I likely wouldn't wear a traditional "mothers necklace" very often, but I think I shall wear this one quite a bit. The initials and pearl are all about the size of a pea, so the whole thing is very understated.