Friday, June 27, 2008

This week has been very busy and flown by quite quickly. Tonight, Michelle (my second youngest sister) gets married to the fantabulous Peter. Yay!

I spent hours on Monday at my Mom's house making fondant roses for the cupcakes with Grammy, Mom, Jenni and Michelle.

Wednesday I took the kids to the park to run off some steam. Elsa caught some rays too.

That night, I also finished, finally, the blanket I was knitting for Elly. It took me forever. I say "ha" to the idea that this is a "few hours" project. Not for me, though I'm hardly skilled in the knitting arts.

Thursday we headed out to the church to do setup and rehearsal. I had tons of cupcakes to ice and decorate. Each foil container held 18 cupcakes. There were about 12 containers. Luckily, one of Michelle's bridesmaids, Rebekah, and later Aunt Margaret helped to ice them. 'Twas not so bad once you got into a groove.

Finished project. Our handmade fondant roses and mint from my very own yard. For the record, my Grammy is a TRUE fondant artist. She made beautiful roses, where many of my own looked more like cabbages!

After most the cupcakes were done I took the kids home for a quick nap, then later we headed out to a restaurant for the rehearsal dinner (kids did decently), then back to the church for practice. It was a late night. Practice didn't start till 8:00 or so.

Elly's first hair accessory. Uh, didn't go over so well.

Gwen and Aunt Becki at dinner

Uncle Michael and Elsa (awwww)

When we got to the church, we found the doors were locked. Oops! So we practiced outside for a little bit.

Ethan with his boys.

Gwen with her girls

Aunt Becki helping out by holding Ms. Tired HungryPants


Becki said...

Like I told you...cabbages are Irish it totally works! They all looked beautiful by the way.

Murphy's Law said...

Wow Kristi! You always inspire me with your projects. Great job!

Congrats to Michelle and Peter. I remember them.

Oh, and Elly (love her nickname!) looks exactly like Jason! Ethan and Gwen are all you, but my goodness, Elsa sure looks like her Daddy!