Monday, June 02, 2008

This is the first day I've felt absolutely miserable. Its also the first day that Jason is back at work. These two things are not related actually. Just an unfortunate coincidence.

Last night was very rough. From about 9:30 till 12:30 I could not sleep at all. Elsa was up at 12:30 to nurse, and was fussy fussy fussy. I think she finally went back down around 1:30, though I'm not sure. I lost all track of time. She was up and down constantly. Then Ethan wet his bed for the second night in a row. Jason dealt with that, but it was yet another disruption. Jason left for work and shortly thereafter, the kids came into our room, even though I'd told them quite firmly that they must not get up before the alarm (they've been reverting back to their very early wakings and ignoring the alarm edict). I was up nursing and sent them back to their rooms, but said they could play together. Elsa just wouldn't go back to sleep so I drifted in and out. Then I heard the kids downstairs and knew I had to get up. So I did and had to put them on television restriction for disobeying.

They had also trashed both their rooms and Ethan spilled his entire bowl of cereal on the floor so everything is sticky. Ugh. I'm running on very little sleep, my baby is cranky, I'm really fed up with my older children. My house is a mess, I'm in laundry up to my eyebrows because of the wet beds and its ONLY 10:30? Good lord, I'll perish before the day ends at this rate.

On a slightly happier note, Elsa is 2 weeks old today. And the kids have been doing a really great job of entertaining her when she's awake. The other night they kept her distracted for over an hour while I did dinner stuff. I've noticed that their chatter tends to calm her down in the car (which she pretty much hates right now).

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April said...

Kristi - you let me know if you want me to come up and help entertain E&G. I can take them for a walk while you get a break or I can help you fold laundry or clean up, whatever you want. I don't have any plans this week, so please, let me know...we are also up VERY early in this house, it sucks. I know what it's like living on no sleep, since I've been living it for a while now. Hang in there, and don't be afraid to ask for help!