Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm blogging from Ethan and Gwen's bathroom right now. I have a confession to make, I dislike giving them baths. They require so many toys and usually end up fighting and worst of all, they drink the bathwater. *shudder* No matter what J or I do or say, we still catch them taking a sip now and then. Eww.

But as its Father's Day and J didn't really get much of a special celebration, I figured that I could take on the task he usually does and give him a few minutes of peace. He is holding Elsa, but as she's asleep, it hardly counts as watching a child :)

Yesterday we went into Lynnwood and picked up some clothes for J to wear to the two upcoming weddings (sister Michelle's in 2 weeks, cousin Brynne's in 4) and while we were there, I stopped by Babies R Us and picked up that dang baby book. Much to my dismay, they only had 2 in the style I like, which is loose-leaf. Neither floated my boat, but I was pretty fed up with the whole deal so I picked the best one.

We got home, chilled for an hour, then headed out to Mom's house to pick up the kids and do a Father's Day celebration. The kids had a blast for the two days they were at Mom's and Ethan cried the whole way home because he wouldn't see Ben (my 7 year old cousin who lives next door to my Mom) for a few days. Ethan thinks Ben is the bee's knees.

Elsa slept through the night last night. Totally took us by surprise! Could be a fluke. I'm not going to get excited.

We took Ethan in to get measured for his tux. He is going to be a ring "bear" in Michelle's wedding. Gwen is going to be the flower girl. He's gonna look SO cute in a tux! Then we went and looked at some tent trailers, just out of curiosity. We've talked about getting one for years, and we really can't afford to get one now, but the desire is very strong! There are some really nice ones out there too. However, all we did was look, and that's good :)

After that, we braved Red Robin for lunch and it went fairly well. As long as the kids have something to eat they do ok in restaurants. We got back to the car and El needed to nurse, so while I was doing that J and I noticed that there was a Coldstone right behind us and he went to get us a small serving of ice cream as a snack.

For Father's Day, I got Jason the Lego Indiana Jones video game. I feel really horrible... he's not played it at all. I, on the other hand, am 1/3 of the way through the game. I'm a sucker for the Lego video games. They are so cute, and just my type of game.

Before I end this long and rather dull blog, I want to recommend my new favorite blog/recipe site. Its called, "The Pioneer Woman". You have to check out her site. Not only are her blogs (and even her recipes) hilarious, her photography is beautiful and her recipes delish. Friday night we had the "Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich" (Marlboro Man is the moniker she uses for her husband) and it was so good. And so easy. And cheap. Tomorrow, we're making her "Chicken Spaghetti"

Alright, I've let the kids splash around long enough. Time to wash the hair and brush the teeth.

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