Monday, July 28, 2008

Where the heck is our summer? This is the end of July and I can count on one hand the number of days I've worn shorts and most of those were when we were in Spokane/Idaho! This is ridiculous.

Saturday, we had the great pleasure of joining my friend April and Alyssa (and their respective families) in meeting a lady and her family from the message board we all go to. She was up visiting from Texas and was able to spare time to meet us all. We had a great time and, like all the other ladies I've met from my board, felt an instant kinship and ease. I forgot my camera, but April has lots of pics on her blog of the event.

After returning home, Jason and I finally completed some yardwork that was WAY overdue! Our grass hadn't been mowed since... well, I think since June, based on its length. It was embarrassingly long. So we did that and I pruned off my dead roses and delighted over the fact that my huge and burly tomato plant has flowers and hopefully will start bearing fruit soon. I think the weather, combined with the limited sun it gets anyway, has delayed the blooming because this is supposed to be the earliest fruiting variety (hence its name, Early Girl), but my Mom's standard Roma tomatoes are already ripening!

We spent the rest of the weekend puttering about, getting things put away from our camping trip and working on budget things. Today we went over to Mom's for a last minute visit and had a great time wandering around, picking huckleberries, salmonberries and some unknown berry that seems to be a mix of raspberry and something else. Its not elongated like a raspberry or blackberry, but more of a cap shape. A Google search found me nothing, but apparently there are scads of varieties of raspberries and blackberries (and other native berries) so its one of those for sure.


Anonymous said...

My Early Girl tomatoes have finally reached the size of grape tomatoes and are still very green. I read somewhere that tomatoes don't need sun, just warm weather, which, of course, we haven't had much of. They'll probably ripen about the time of our first frost.

Alyssa said...

Was it a wild thimble berry?