Monday, June 22, 2009

Chickenpox and stair climbing

Two things I forgot to mention in my previous post!

On Thursday Ethan came down with these spots

I consulted many a expert (i.e. friends and family) via the Internet and these looked pretty definitively like chickenpox. Ok, well good because they need to have it sooner or later, but kinda bummed it would happen during our camping trip!

However, Friday morning he wakes up and the spots are almost gone. There are no new spots. He is not sick. Neither is anyone else. I'm not sure what happened. He's had just one or two more pop up, but then they go away quickly. He's not felt under the weather at all. I was thinking maybe an allergic reaction (he's already been suffering badly the past month or so), but Mom and Aunt Deanne confirmed that those indeed looked like chickenpox. So it appears that he just a super light case. Or something. A mystery.

Elsa can climb stairs. And not just slowly meander, but RACE. She can make it up 14 steps in about 15 seconds. Anytime a gate is not across the stairs she will now race to the top and then calls us until we come and see what she did. Little stinker! Still no walking, but she is so close. The other day she jumped a few times which was pretty impressive. Both the other kids were walking by now, but Elsa will do it in her own time, thank you very much.


Holly said...

Cian got some spots like that a couple weeks ago. There were only a few and they would slowly come and go for about a week. I asked my pediatrician about them and she said she thought they might be some kind of bug bite, but since there were so many (5-6) that it might just be some sort of allergy or even just something his immune system was doing as it matured. Kind of weird.

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

Five of my children have all had a rash that looks like that. They have never had chicken pox though exposed many times. The doctor said that they have natural immunity(from their father) and they will only get a very light case once, then be immune like the other children that get a full blown case. Maybe you are lucky? My children never had a fever, but they did feel itchy and tired, for the record. I hope it stays a light case!!