Monday, June 08, 2009

One day I'll get it right

This morning the kids and I yanked up all the radishes. I planted them around the beginning of April and while the greens looked great, the radishes themselves were tiny and so woody I could barely cut them. See?

Its very frustrating! I feel like gardening is so hard. I wonder how people ever did it to feed themselves. I guess there were generations upon generations of knowledge that was passed down that helped.

So now I have three empty squares and no idea what to plant, or what I could even plant at this point.

Yesterday I made a outline for our days during the summer. I'm finding it hard to focus and keep on task. Just a lot on my mind with J's job situation and feeling overwhelmed in general. I thought that maybe this would help give me some structure (which I try to avoid in general!).

Part of what I want to get into daily is some sort of lessons. Reading for both the kids, and when Ethan's handwriting book arrives, he'll do that too. Right now I have both the kids doing tracing pages of their names. Ethan's hands are weak and he needs lots of practice. Gwen had been reluctant to start reading, though she was so obviously ready. She kept saying she was afraid. Yet she had an annoying tendency to hang over our shoulders when Ethan was doing his reading and point out where he was making mistakes and sound out words with us. So today I took her on my lap and asked her to try one lesson and see how it went. She agreed, and before we were done with the first 5 minute lesson she was all smiles and thrilled with herself. She LOVED it! I think she was intimidated, and she has this fear of failure. If she thinks she cannot do it, she won't even try. Once I pushed her to try, she saw that she could do it and now she's very excited.

The baby started saying two new words over the weekend. There is a picture of a baby on her bag of diapers, which she sees every time we change her. She kept asking "What's that" and we kept saying baby. This weekend she pointed to it and said, "babee" (sounds like bobby). I was impressed! Then she brought me a book and asked me what it was and I told her and she says back to me, "book". Clear as day! Her language seems more developed to me than the other kids at this age, but its hard to remember that far back too :)

Ethan's allergies are a mess right now. He's very stuffed up and his face is puffy. We're trying out Zyrtec and doing Nasonex daily. Tomorrow, him and Gwen have their yearly checkups and I'm going to get a prescription for more nose spray. Poor little guy :(

Jason continues to look for a job and we continue to ask for your prayers that the right job is brought his way. At the end of this month, we are going to be flying to Cincinnati to check out the area and make our final decision about moving. We are 90% sure we will not be moving, but by then we should have a better idea of Jason's chances of getting a job here. So far its been slow. Last year he put his resume up out of curiosity and the phone rang so much he had to take it down. This year, not so much. Please pray for us. Its very stressful...we have to account for worst case scenario, which is terrifying, but still keep our spirits up and hope for best case. I go through times of panic and peace, often within minutes of each other! I know its a large burden for J as well.

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Mom said...

It would be good for the two of you to get on your knees together and pray about this. I like this acronym-ACTS:

A - acknowledge who God is
C - confess sin and repent of it
T - thank him for his forgiveness and restoration
S - bring your supplications/requests before the throne.

Then, each of you opens the Word and looks for promises - at least two, one that challenges and one that comforts.

I am praying for you.