Friday, June 26, 2009

On to the weekend!

This week can end now. It wasn't terrible or anything, but you know when you are kinda in a funk and the days just drag by? Its been that kind of week and I'm ready for the weekend where we can do some things that have been driving me nuts (namely E & G's trashed rooms and the laundry pileup that hasn't been dealt with) but I haven't been able to get done.

Its been a month now that Jason has been looking for a job and there has really been no movement. He had an interview for a contract job but that didn't pan out. Although we still have two months before he's laid off, and then severance and bonus after that to help us last, the waiting and having everything on hold is hard. Its stressful. Not an in your face stress, but an underlying stress that flares every once and awhile.

Elsa is walking so well now! 5, 6, 7 steps at a time. Last night she was even trying to run those steps! I'm ready for her to walk. So so ready! Her personality has had a growth spurt too. She teases us, shows off, and basically endears herself to just about everyone with her toothy grin.

Today the kids and I went with Mom to Flower World, a truly amazing place! Besides the acres and acres of every plant possible, the grounds are park-like and just beautiful... with fountains, geese, a water wheel and streams. Across the street there was a petting zoo and farm (they actually grow food and gather eggs to sell in their store) with peacocks, chickens, goats and sheep. The kids enjoyed that, and then we visited the produce stand which had lots of local produce and fresh eggs. Lovely stuff!

I purchased three hanging flower baskets that were on sale. They are so pretty! I'll have to get a picture. Yesterday, I also picked up a blueberry bush that was on sale, and also a cayenne pepper plant to fill in an empty square in my garden. I"m a little plant crazy this year :)

I'm doing this workout video called 30 Day Shred and man, is it tough! Its really really tough! But the nice thing is that its only about 25 minutes from start to finish.

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