Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Busy like a bee.

My entire body hurts. From my aching head, sore shoulders, sensitive fingers, stiff back, creaking knees and crying out for mercy feet. Every day seems filled with endless little tasks. Touch up paint here, sweep this, pack that, organize this shelf. The house has never looked this good, probably not even when it was just built.

My Mom came and took the kids this afternoon. I am fighting off what I think is a nasty cold. My throat is sore, and some of this aches I feel are more sick type than sore-from-working type. While she was gone, I had a good cry (always so good for the system) and cleaned carpets. Thanks to Grandpa's techniques, the carpets look fabu! Like, good as new.

The kids were back at about 7pm and my Mom hung out for an hour before heading back to pick up Jenni from AWANA. While she was here, she went to put Gwen on her shoulders and accidently put her in the path of the ceiling fan. *Cringe*. Luckily, Gwen suffered no greater injury than a long bruise on her cheek and probably a headache, poor child. Poor Grandma too... She felt pretty bad about it.

Tomorrow Aaron comes to do yardwork, the agent will stop by for keys and then we'll all head back to my Mom's. I'll be back on Friday to clean up after the fixit peeps are here. Its weird to think of this really happening.

Oh, if you'd like to see a flyer of the house, click me

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