Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm boooored.

Right now I'm at the house , waiting for our contractors to finish the work they should have finished on Friday. Hopefully it will not take too long, as I have to wait for them to leave before I can do most of the work.

I'm feeling like a new person. I thank the heavens for antibiotics. After feeling that I would die Friday night, Saturday morning I woke feeling much better. Mom and Aaron headed over to the house to clean it up and do the yardwork, while I stayed at home with the kids. Jason had come over Friday night and told us that the house WAS going on the market because we had already signed the papers authorizing it do so on Friday and it couldn't be redone without resigning everything so we just let it happen. After they left, the house was shown that day, then on Sunday it was shown 5 times. Wow!

Mothers Day was good. Jason bought me an iPod. I really have no need for an iPod, but have been wanting one to use while on walks and things of that sort. As I type this, I'm downloading songs off my CD's to it :)

Becki bought some rib roasts, potatoes, corn and I made some strawberry shortcake. Grammy and Grandpa joined us for dinner and we all had a good visit.

Tomorrow Jason said that we can start looking (as in going with our agent) at houses. Yipee! I'm so excited to start doing this. We have a few that we are very interested in around Monroe, Sultan, Bothell, North Bend and Everett. We are open to any of those locations... its just finding a good price and some of the options that we want. For me, that means a spacious kitchen and trees so our house is not insanely hot in the summers.

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