Sunday, May 07, 2006

We are exhausted. We've spent every waking moment packing, cleaning, organizing, thinking, planning. We got lots and lots done, but there is still more to go.

Our agent is coming by tomorrow to do a walk through, then we'll decide when to put the house on the market. Depending on when we can get the trim in and fix the bathroom floor (we got a quote and all that already) we may be on the market in a few days. A house very similar to ours just sold down the street in less than two weeks, though I feel it was very underpriced (275k), given an identical one across the street sold for 10k more a few months ago.

We found a perfect house in Lk. Stevens. We've even been by it twice. The yard is not much bigger than what we have now, and its close to other neighbors but there is no HOA and the inside is PERFECT. Exactly what we want. Big kitchen (lots of cupboards), hardwood throughout, family room and den. Over 2,100 sqft. Nice. We are trying to not get too attached.

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