Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Its been forever and a day since I blogged. Its hard to get the time to do it here at my Mom's. Its either the kids, or the computer is in use or I get too frustrated by the dial-up to even try.

We had an offer on the house over the weekend. Um, unfortunately they wanted us to pay $6,000 of their closing, which was not gonna happen. We countered with increasing the sale price by $6k and we'd be happy to pay closing, but they declined. Bummer. So far, no other legitimate offers. We are trying to be patient and upbeat, but its so hard. Its only been like 13 days.

So I had strep throat, and then I stopped taking my antibiotics for like 2 days and then it came back, the nasty little bug. So I have to start another 10 day stint of antibiotics and you can be sure I won't miss another dose. That strep was nasty.

Tomorrow the kids and I, Becki, Mom & Jenni will be going to the aquarium. Should be fun.

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