Monday, May 15, 2006

There seems to be a lack of inventiveness and creative problem solving with our repair peeps that are here.

How difficult could it be to sit and ponder a way to make it work since the parts you requested I get you at Lowes, according to Lowes, do not exist in any easily attainable way. I can think of about 5 different ways to make it work and that was just on the way home.

Instead, you are constantly on the phone with someone (we'll call him Mr. X) who has to give you step by step instruction for every tiny issue you come across. Seriously, these guys are chatting with Mr. X at least half the time they're working.

You'd think that if they've worked on a lot of houses (which I assume they have done in order to get their jobs) they would be used to different problems and situations, but apparently not. Mr. X, the all knowing and unseen (who, for the record, I would have really liked to have been HERE instead of at some undisclosed location handing out advice) seems to have to dole out information for anything to get done at all.

Perhaps I take for granted my own creative problem solving using tape and glue and do not understand the complexities of higher level home repair.

In any case, I wish they would hurry the heck up.

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