Thursday, February 15, 2007

As if my little car scare wasn't enough for Valentines Day, we had even more excitement later in the day.

After putting the kids to bed, I changed into my relaxing clothes, a long patchwork skirt, tshirt and socks. Some back story is needed here. Jason wears socks 23 1/2 hours a day and he thinks its bizzare that I go barefoot everywhere. He is always singing the praises of socks and how they keep your feet clean and warm and protected. Well, being that it was Valentines Day, I thought, "Sure, I'll wear socks, just for Jason. Won't he be overjoyed when he see them?".

With this happy thought in mind, I headed downstairs. And downstairs I went... on my butt and elbow. Yep, thanks to those slippery socks and our wood stairs, I lost my footing and fell down all 14 hard stairs. This left me with a very wrenched neck, an ugly bruise on my elbow and a REALLY ugly bruise on the back of my hip, just below the bone. I'd post a pic of it, 'cept I really don't want a picture of my heiny broadcast on the net and it would change this blog from PG to R. In case you are wondering, I blame Jason completely for this event and I will never wear socks indoors again!

Anyway, I'm so sore and achy today. No fun. I took two Percosets last night (which I HATE because they don't work for me, but it was all I had) and still hurt all night. Can't even wear pants because its puts too much pressure on the bruise, so I'll be wearing skirts for at least a few days.

Valentines wasn't a complete bust though. Jason came home with 30 red and white tulips (my favorite flower) and they are so lovely. I have them scattered through the house. He also got me a new kitchen scale (mine expired two days ago). He's a doll.

Yesterday, before the rock incident, the kids and I went to Jump Planet in Bothell. WOW. It was fun/intimidating/overwhelming/awesome. Its basically a huge room full of inflatable mazes, slides and other fun things. SO great! I could have played by myself the entire time. If we can, I think we'll book the kid's b-day party there.

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