Monday, February 26, 2007

Hmph. I've no enthusiasm for blogging lately. For anything really. I'm completely lacking motivation.

Today was ok, but two pieces of news arrived at about the same time and have put me in a sorrowful state.

First, the lady who adopted Tilli informed me that the bumps on her legs (which I had thought to be scars or cysts) were actually cancerous :( They've been removed and all is well, but it broke my heart. Honestly, if Tilli had not been given to that kind woman I probably wouldn't have had them checked and it might have killed her.

Secondly, my aunt was in court today for her divorce and it didn't go well. It angers me so much that the system can ignore what is so blatantly obvious to everyone else. That people who have suffered years and years of abuse have to still be subjected to it, just a bit more indirectly. My heart is wishing all sorts of ill on my uncle, I won't lie.

Lets see... what else. I can't think. Those two things are taking up most of my brain power.

Gwen is doing this thing where, before we get out of the car to go somewhere, she says, "I shy. Mommy, I shy". Ethan did this exact same thing at about the same age! She says it in this adorable tiny little voice. So cute.

Ethan is the busiest little bee. If he's not cooking up pretend food for us, he's wanting to cook real food, or read his books (he can "read" his most favorite ones to us). Both of them are getting so big and mature. Sometimes I forget that Ethan isn't even 3 yet.

Well, all for tonight. Maybe now that I've broken the blogging block I'll be motivated tomorrow.

Bonne nuit mes amis.

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Anonymous said...


I am so sorry you are going through this. At least you know that Tilli is in a wonderful loving home and if there were any lingering doubts abou that, they have beenput to rest.

About the system: Trust me, I know what it is like. I have a beautiful marriage now. My previous marriage was straight out of a horror movie. There is no real justice with the system. The real justice is finding peace in one's own heart and in their connection with God.

Mrs. Hoppes