Friday, February 09, 2007

Totally not in the blogging mood, but we had an incident today that must be recorded.

After MOPS, I took the kids to McDonalds to have lunch and let them play on the playground. On our way out, Ethan climbed into the drivers seat of the car, while I put Gwen in her seat. Ethan closed the car door. I closed Gwen's door. Ethan locks doors. Ugh.

Luckily, I had left the windows cracked, so I try and instruct Ethan to unlock the doors, but he can't seem to understand that one side of the button unlocks and the other locks. He just keeps hitting the lock side. For 10 minutes I try various ways of explaining how to push the other side of the button (more difficult than it might sound, especially if you're speaking to a three year old). I even have him hand me a straw to see if I can wedge my arm in far enough to reach it myself. Finally, when I'm just about to go inside, bite my pride and call the cops it occurs to me that the keys are in my purse and Ethan understands keys and could give them to me.

I ask him to find the keys in Mommy's purse. After taking a quick break to eat gum (grrr!) he finds the keys and starts to push buttons. I momentarily panic, thinking, "What if he hits the alarm button and then my children are not only locked in this car but the alarm will be going off too!". So I frantically shout "Don't touch the red one!", hoping he remembers what red looks like. Luckily, he did and he hit the unlock button.


It gave me one heck of a headache. It also bumped "Get spare keys made and hide one under the body of the car" to the top of my list.

In other news, we all have bad colds and have been cranky and lazy for what seems like forever but is really only a few days.

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