Sunday, February 04, 2007

Do you know what can cause your toilet to behave strangely?

An 8 inch wood stick, flushed.

Do you know the best way to remove said stick? Well, after plunging the thing for days (bringing up some foam animals in the process) and thinking that maybe the problem was actually in the tank, you plunge one more time. You see something just barely peeking out of the bottom of the bowl. So you go to your kitchen and find your tongs. You have to stick your hand into the toilet water, but you finally can grip the stick. You pull and pull and you can't believe how big it is and that this thing was lodged in there for nearly a week.

Yeah. That was fun.


Anonymous said...

Is it bad for me to be sitting here laughing hysterically?

Kim Hoppes

Murphy's Law said...

Kristi, that's AWESOME! WAY TOO FUNNY!

Better you than me. Please tell me it was the boy, not the girl who did this!

I love the foam animals! I wonder what else is lurking in your toilet water!?

Kate Thaete said...

and then you throw the tongs away, right? ;)

well, at least it wasn't your car keys!!