Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Ethan had a couple quips today that really cracked me up. He speaks very well, and understands even better.

Today in the car, "Gwennie-pooh!", then when he has her attention he whispers, "Shoes" and starts taking his off. I always wondered how they both took off their shoes at the same time... now i know he was planning behind my back!

Tonight as we were praying I said, "Thank you Jesus for letting us see our Nana and Aunts". Ethan interrupts, "Mama, we didn't see ants! We didn't!". "Ethan, I meant Aunt Jenni and Aunt Michelle". "Ohhhhhh.... AUNTS!". Its like you could see the little gears and levers working in his brain.

The other day I was stressing over something at the stove. Ethan was at my side. Jason recommended that I relax and Ethan put his hand on my arm and said, "Yeah Mom, relax. Its ok, just relax. Its no big deal".

That kid!

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