Wednesday, May 30, 2007

WARNING: This post contains an obscene number of pictures

I finally have a moment to sit down, resize pics, and write about our fun weekend.

Our drive down went fairly well. Traffic wasn't a problem, and the kids behaved decently. However, they were THRILLED to get out of the car and did not waste a moment getting into all of Grandpa Les and Grandma Karen's things. They had just returned from a fishing trip and Ethan helped offload items. He loved the nets.

We definitely had to take a trip to the beach, so after putting away the boat, we packed up and drove the 5 minutes to the beach (I'm so jealous of their location. I want to live on the coast!)

Gwen wasn't too sure about the ocean. It was cold! I do think the Oregon coast is probably the only place that you'll find people in swimsuits and people not 100 feet away in down parkas and blankets.

Right away we made some friends. The owners were afraid that the kids would be frightened of large wet dogs. Ha! We reassured them that big wet dogs were a normal event in our lives. The dogs were fun.

Learning how to make sand castles. Can you believe that I wasn't able to make even one successfully?

A sisters work is never done. Brother convinced her to carry his bucket.

Missed a spot!

Ethan went nuts, rolling down the dunes and getting sand everywhere. Everywhere is not an exaggeration.

The kids pretending to sleep in a hole they found in the sand.

There was a cool old boat hull on the beach and it was Ethan's dream jungle gym.

She looks so grown up in this picture.

A good one of Gwen and I.

After the beach, obviously, came bath! There was a good amount of sand left in the tub at the end.

Sunday the weather was iffy so we went to a local park. Gwen found a boyfriend there. He was probably about 4 years old and he was so in love with her. He was even pushing her swing and letting her crash into him so she'd laugh. She'd laugh, then say, "I shy" like a little coquette. She'll be trouble in a few years.

I was feeling silly, so I decided to hide and scare Ethan. Jason was able to capture the event pretty well I think.

Waiting expectantly...

He suspected something was up...



The weather finally cleared enough to go fishing so we headed out on the Columbia River to fish for sturgeon. This picture was snapped just before Ethan fell dead asleep on my lap for nearly 2 hours. He missed us catching a fish (Grandma Karen, technically). It was barely legal at 47 inches, but legal nonetheless! He also missed most of our trip home which was BUMPY! 8-10 foot swells, with a 40lb Ethan on my lap and holding onto the boat frame for my life. 'Twas great fun!

Ok, all for now. It took me forever to put this post together :)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful adventure! Am glad everyone had such a good time. Looks like the kids were duly impressed with the ocean. Those pictures are keepers for sure.