Saturday, May 05, 2007

This morning, I left early to attend Michelle's graduation. What a day for her! She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Northwest University with a major in English and a minor in Literature (and something else?). Shel, correct me if I'm wrong! Anyway, it was long, as all graduations are, but not as boring as some of the others I've attended :) We are so proud of all the work she has put in to this degree, and we are all so thankful that she will have some rest now to prepare for her graduate studies in Boston, starting in a year or so.

After I got home, I finished Gwen's pillowcase (or in our case, bandanna) dress. I would have finished it last night, but the sewing machine was jamming up for some reason. Thanks to the advice of Grandma Betty and Grammy at lunch (namely replacing the needle, oiling parts and clearing all lint), I was able to fix the machine and finish my project.

I used the method of running elastic through the front, then using binding around the armholes, continuing out to become the ties. (Please excuse the dirty baby).

It came out pretty good. I like the look of the elastic, but for me, sewing on binding is a major pain. I may have to work out a different way to handle that, or maybe just practice more :)

Tonight as we were putting the kids to bed we had our nightly prayer. We've done this every night since they were babies. This time they weren't really paying attention while we prayed and so when we were done I reminded them that we need to sit still and think about Jesus and what we are thankful for, etc. etc.

Anyway, I put Gwen in her crib and she folds her tiny little hands and closes her delicate little eyes and says, "Dear Jesus, *something I couldn't make out* Poppa and Grammy". She said this over and over again. She started pacing the bed and kept repeating those words. She was quite serious about it. We prayed so very often when my Grandpa was sick. It was sweet, but also gave me a great pang in my chest that she would never grow up knowing the man she was praying for right now. When she was done, she said, "Amen" and smiled and was ready for sleep.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kristi, how precious. And I was feeling good that I hadn't cried all day. Well, I almost made it....

Good job on the dress. Am anxious to have her model it in person. Glad you got your machine going.


Mishy said...

That's an English Literature (which is to say a general Literature degree-we don't just study literature originally written in English!) with minors in History and Writing. :-)

Cute dress fo sho. I want clothes that cute.

<3 M