Friday, May 04, 2007

I've been on a sewing kick lately.

A bit ago, I posted a picture of a smocket I made for Gwen. My next project was a wrap apron for myself. By far the hardest thing I'd ever tried to make. It came out ok. I used this Simplicity 7481 pattern, done in the short version. Based on reviews that I read, I made it smaller than I'd normally wear (I made a small). Even with that, I took nearly 6 inches off the sides and, because I wanted it shorter, I took 9 inches off the bottom as well. It required binding, which was extremely vexing. I didn't like my binding color, but at that point, I didn't care... it just needed to be finished!

I'll probably try it again, with a more subdued fabric and better binding... and better techniques too! I was hoping it would be something stylish that I could wear outside the house, but no. It does make a fine apron though :)

Last night I finished a pinafore top, based off a tutorial online. I didn't completely understand the directions so I ended up winging it which resulted in odd results, namely, my straps being too short (or maybe just awkward because of my wonky back). And it looking like a maternity shirt, which isn't bad, but isn't really what I was going for. Part of it was that instead of gathering the body (as the directions indicated) I was lazy and pleated. Pleated off the top of my head too as I've never done a pleat before. They came out well, but did give that maternity feel. If someone would like it, let me know. Its too snug under the arms for me, but otherwise its quite comfortable.

Today I'm going to try and whip out a pillowcase dress for Gwen. I may modify that pattern a bit... some call for a ribbon to be pulled through and tied, others for elastic, with a binding tie. I'll have to make that decision when I get there.

My biggest (and most complicated project) will be started here in a week or two, once I get my fabric. Its a beautiful, delicious pattern from Amy Butler, called "Barcelona Skirts"

See? (click for a bigger picture)

The pattern makes three items. A layered skirt (pictured in the middle there). An A-line skirt (on the left) and an apron overlay, which can be worn alone (lower right) or over the A-line skirt (upper right). I can't wait to get started on these!


Anonymous said...

I love to see you sewing! It is one of the most enjoyable and most vexing things to do. If you need help with something, let me know....I have a little bit of ability from all my costuming stuff, as well as pattern modification skills.


Kate Thaete said...

oooh, you're killin' me. i too have been on a sewing kick. i love amy butler's patterns - but haven't gotten around to purchasing any. you might like this really great fabric/pattern designer:
her blog is full of great pictures, there are a few free patterns and i love her prints!