Sunday, July 29, 2007

Today we had a great visit from Christie, David and Tyler. The kids, despite some scuffles here and there, got along fabulously and I don't know about Tyler, but our kids were drop dead tired by the end of the day.

Yesterday I went to Ace hardware and got some replacement bolts for our deck chairs and was wooed by a lovely cobalt blue huge ceramic planter. I stuffed it full of lemon thyme and peppermint and put it on our porch. Smells DIVINE. I encourage those who come to my house to bend down, rub your hand in it and smell. If it doesn't put you in better mood, nothing will :) I was also seduced by a park bench on sale, and that too is now sitting on my porch.

After I brought home the bench, I was in the garage assembling it when I heard a voice behind me. Caught by the Mormons. Drat. Despite my insistence that I did not need their help to assemble my bench or clean my garage and was quite happy with my faith, thank you very much, they were quite persistent and made me listen to a long rambling speech about Joseph Smith and what not.

Because I'm such a darn people pleaser, I listened and answered their questions with half-untruths like, "I've looked into Mormonism before" (i.e., I looked up some stuff on the Internet to win an argument about polygamy) and felt guilty that I wasn't more interested. How whacked is that? I felt guilty that they were being so earnest and I couldn't have cared less. Ugh. Well, lets just say that I let them make an appointment to visit us next Sunday. I will be canceling. Jason says I have no backbone and he is SO right.

Jason just brought me a treat from DQ so I'm gonna sit down and enjoy. I'm shamelessly stress eating right now, until this pregnancy thing is resolved. I offer no excuses for it except that I want to do it and so I will.

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Becki said...

They are quite persistent...and those young guys on their "mission" are cute. I've decided that all the good looking men are either married, gay, or Mormon. You just can't let them get their foot in the door, because they are very, VERY persuasive. Its part of the classes they have to take. They can also put most Christians to shame when it comes to quoting scripture and knowing the Bible. Thats what makes them so scary!