Tuesday, July 17, 2007

When we were at the cabin, my sister and I were overjoyed to finally be there when the apricots were ripe! We have many memories of eating endless apricots under that tree, but our trips over the past years happened too late during the year and we missed their goodness. I do think they smelled even better than they tasted.

Apricots don't keep, so I had to make quick work of this box. I loosely followed a recipe, but made adjustments (like only using half the sugar since I ran out!). It tastes great.

Our box of gold

Did you know that if you crack open apricot pits there are little almonds inside? They are very similar to the bitter almonds that are banned in the US. If you eat something like 50 or 60 they can kill you. The recipe called for 18 for flavor, but not having a nutcracker on hand and after nearly killing myself with flying pits, I decided to leave them out.

There were only two ingredients. Apricots and sugar. I did add in a pinch of salt, some cloves and ginger at the end though. It cooked for a very long time. At least an hour. You knew it was done when it would set immediately on a cold plate.

The finished product! 12 half-pint jars of apricot-y goodness.


Becki said...

Kristi...you are truly an amazing woman with a unending supply of talent. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it does my heart good to see such good use made of those apricots!
Love, Grammy