Monday, July 16, 2007

We are still alive... we are still here!

What a whirlwind of activity since July 4th. Phew.

After our July 4th activities, we went to Spokane for the weekend and had a good visit with family there. The following week I was busy just about every day, then left Saturday to go spread my Grandpa's ashes at Lake Chelan. I got a bunch of good photos from that trip, but the camera is still in the car and Jason took it to work.

However, I do have pics from July 4th (technically 3rd I guess) and the day after, which we spent at my Mom's, as well as Spokane pics. Enjoy.

(you can click on any of the photos to open them up. Also, if you put your cursor on the slideshow you can skip forward, backward, or pause)

1 comment:

Kate Thaete said...

wow... who gave all those kids permission to grow up!?!?!?

(michelle and kai included... sorry michelle.)

i feel old.