Saturday, August 25, 2007

I've been sewing like mad this week.

Unfortunately, I'm in a "I'm an ugly cow" mood so you shan't see any pics of me in the clothing I made right now. Maybe later.

I made this skirt/apron combo, from Amy Butler's Barcelona Skirts pattern

And this skirt

It was actually really easy and fun to do. I love the fabrics too.

And this dress, Prairie Girl, by Favorite Things. Also very simple and easy to assemble.

made with this fabric, Amy Butler Lacework Grey.

Yesterday Jason gave me an early birthday present... A Serger! Its an entry level, Brother 1034D. Very good reviews on Amazon. I can't believe I have such a complex piece of machinery for my sewing now! Thank you honey!

We also went to Jonathan's wedding yesterday which was beautiful and sweet. How weird to see someone the age of my siblings getting married. I feel old.

Off to do some yard work before it rains.

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April said...

You are going to LOVE your serger, take it from a fellow serger owner!

Those skirts are really cute!