Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Just a quick note to say hi.

We've been busy busy this week. Les and Karen, Angie, her boyfriend and two girls (Dakota and Jaden), Nicole, David, Christie and Tyler are all up in our area and we've been doing all sorts of things.

Monday we went to a Mariners game. With the kids. They did as well as could be expected and we had a good time (good game too, what we were able to see of it!).

Tuesday we went down to Kent to a KOA that David and Christie were at. Yeah! There is a KOA in Kent. We were surprised too. We spent the day visiting, swimming, playing on the playground and just hanging out.

In about an hour, we'll be leaving to head to Lake Sammamish State Park where we'll play on the beach, picnic, ride on Nicole's boat and let the kids play.

Tomorrow we're off to the zoo, which will be cool now that the kids are old enough to get it.

And if that wasn't enough for us, Friday we pack in a flurry and head out to my Mom's church campout for the weekend. We figured that this would be the best time to try out camping... when we have family close for help! I think it will be fun once we get there. The idea of doing everything in such a hurry is daunting though.

Ok, off to pack for the beach and get going.

Pictures and more blogging later.

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