Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Birthday to me!

Today I am 29. Next year will be the hard one. This one I can accept fairly easily.

Tonight we are going to dinner with April (my friend from a message board) and her husband at Alligator Soul. Should be fun!

There was a funny incident at the espresso stand today. I was getting an afternoon pick-me-up for J and I and the lady there was one of the more friendly ones. She once asked Jason if the "the girl with the doll face" was his wife. Well today I have my hair all nice and curly and she gushed over that for a bit, and then went on to tell me about how she refers to me as the "porcelain doll" because I have a cute face and pale skin and pretty hair. What does one say to that? Then she wanted to know if my hair was soft or coarse and how did I get it curly? It was quite a long conversation and I kept hoping that someone would pull up behind me so I would have a reason to go! Just awkward, though flattering I suppose.

Tomorrow, J and I are going to meet Becki to pick pickling cukes, then head over to Mom's to can our pickles. I'm making tons, so those of you who have wanted some will get some this year! I've so enjoyed having these two days to myself, but I do miss the kidlets a little. I know they will be happy to see us tomorrow.

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