Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So I woke up looking like a hideous beast this morning.

No joke, I really did.

Yesterday, after getting out of the shower, I noticed that the skin under my eyes was really dry. I stupidly applied a great deal of lotion to that area somewhat clumsily and got some in my eyes. Then they started itching and swelling. By the time we got home yesterday, they hurt SO bad. At bedtime I popped two Benadryl hoping that would calm down the reaction. I slept very well, but upon waking I looked like a hideous beast. My eyes are hugely swollen, still. They itch less, but I struggle with not wanting to rub them.

UGH. I'm not sure what else I can do besides keep taking Benadryl and icing the eyes. Its bad enough that I can't really go out in public. Its like I've aged 60 years or something.

Yesterday we met April, Gibson and Grady at PumpItUp for bouncy house fun. Ethan was a grump at the beginning and didn't want to do anything with other kids. Eventually he came around, but my Mommy sense was piqued once again. I know that its probably all normal, but I worry about his attitude keeping him from making friendships when he starts preschool in a few weeks.

Gwen had a blast of course. That child is fearless and is always looking for an opportunity to safely throw herself down from heights and tumble without fear of injury. Its a good workout for the parents too, eh April? Both her and I were more worn out than the kids by the time it was over.

I have to tell you what my Mommy is doing for me. I had asked if she would take the kids Thursday night so J and I could celebrate my birthday, which is on Friday. She not only said ok to that, but offered to watch them Friday night as well. *faint* Yes, this means that I will have nearly two full days of time to myself. What shall I do? I shall sew, I shall finally use the certificate for a free facial I got in MOPS and perhaps get a pedicure. I shall go to Costco. I shall go out to eat two nights in a row, once with Jason, the other time with Jason and April and her husband Gregg. I suppose I may clean, if I get bored. Its the bestest present my Mom could give me. Seriously. Thanks Mom :)

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