Monday, August 13, 2007

A successful dress... kinda!

This was my test run of Threads 3803, using super cheap fabric I got from the local craft store. I LOVED the polka dots.

It had serious issues at first, namely it was enormous around the bustline. I use a piece of elastic and wrangled it. Not pretty, but it works. Its a fun dress to wear around the house and to Chelan. I'm hoping my "real" version of the dress using this fabric will be easier and fit better!

Lots of pics from this weekend, including our first attempt at getting Ethan to ride a bike and Shel's goodbye party, but I'm swamped with stuff to do for Chelan. Maybe tomorrow!


Lindy said...

This dress looks so good on you! You did a great job. The polka dots remind me of grandpa. :) I especially love the next fabric that you chose with the birds on it. Beautiful.

Mom said...

This looks like a very comfortable dress and I love the green :D You make me so miss sewing...
~Aunt Daralyn