Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Back to normal

I must admit, there is some relief when the holiday is over and life resumes its predictable pace. Though one could say that the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas isn't exactly "life as normal" either. There are many functions to attend and more shopping than usual and all the other stresses/joys of the season.

I don't have many pictures of our family Thanksgiving on Saturday. I was mostly busy talking and helping my Mom get dinner ready. Here are the few I took.

The kids snuggling with Aunt Michelle and Uncle Peter. They always love to snuggle with them! Now if they would just get to business and start having cousins for my kids to play with... ;)

Dad with Elly. I have a picture like this of every child, and even one of when I was a baby. My Dad is good at getting babies to sleep.

On Sunday, Gwen and I went to her friend Heather's party. We met Heather (and her parents) at our camping trip in July, through our friend April. The party was at a gym and Gwen had a blast. Again, I did not get many pictures. Bad Mommy.

The Elly-kins and I.

The gym was in Kent, and we were lucky enough to carpool with April and Gibson. The two "G's" had a great time chatting and playing in the backseat and April and I caught up. It has been awhile since we got together! Fun times.

Monday, I finally got around to doing my grocery shopping. We needed to do it badly... it was slim pickings. I picked up a few things to send to Grandpa Les who is currently serving in Baghdad and we hope to send his box off this weekend. The kids are excited to color him some pictures and we hope to put together a little DVD as well.

Gwen and I also worked on her poster for school. She is "Star Of The Week" this week and had to make a poster about herself. She picked out everything herself and I basically followed her lead for putting it together. She was so incredibly proud and was beaming when I dropped her off.

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