Monday, December 15, 2008


Wow, it is cold. There have been few times in my remembrance when I get instantly cold to the bone when stepping outside, no matter what I'm wearing. Now is one of those times!

I have some pictures from Jenni's concert on Friday. She both sang and played her flute.

I made that headband about an hour before we left and was really pleased how it came out. I made matching dresses for her and Gwen, but you really can't see them in this pictures. I'm going to get a good pic of them though, they look darling.

Mom picked a good place for us to sit. The kids could look out over the rail and got a good view of the people and the stage. You can also see a bit of her dress and sash.

Ethan chillin' on Daddy's lap.

During intermission, Elly got some good Grandpa time.

There's Jenni!

Yesterday, we went out to my Mom's for our usual "Go to Mom's when it snows" event. The roads were icy, but easily drivable in our car (which handles very well for such a beast).

Ben (my youngest cousin and Ethan's idol)

Gwen and her sled. She was just so tough. She played far longer than Ethan and kept up with the older kids.

However... she got icy, icy cold. She snuggled with Grandpa under his electric blanket, but it hurt her poor little toes to warm up. Poor bebe.

Elsa was happy though, she just loves her Aunt Jenni.

Today we had plans to get our pictures taken, but have canceled. Jason and Ethan and Elly have a cold and look rather puffy and sick. I wasn't too hip on spending good money for pictures of sick children!

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