Monday, December 08, 2008

Ethan's letter to Santa

Ethan must have seen something on TV about writing a letter to Santa because the other day he came to Jason with pen and paper and dictated a letter. Here is the letter, written down directly as Ethan said it:

Dear Santa,

I want new Legos with R2D2 & Anakin. I want a toy dog with a head that cleans up. I want a phone so I can call Laura. I want a computer and a new Star Wars game. I also want a Lego book, C3PO & nativity set, ambulance, ice cream truck with Mr. Icer, Joker, Batman, Lego candy and a glowing lightsaber.

Love Ethan

p.s. I'd also like Mr. Penguin and Red Robbinghood, a kitchen and a coffeemaker.

Isn't that too cute? Laura is his favorite girl from school. "Red Robbinghood" is some mix between Robin from Batman and Robin Hood (he's been watching the Disney animated version lately) and Red Robin the resturant. And a coffemaker? I swear, I've not been giving him coffee this young :)

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