Saturday, December 20, 2008

Week before Christmas update

Its surprising that I haven't blogged before now. We've been practically homebound and its not like I've been busy. Just look at my house... I've not been keeping busy at all :)

After snow dumped on us for just about two days straight, we ventured out and have been going here or there, even though the roads are quite icy. We've even gone out to Mom's twice.

We brought the kids out to Mom's yesterday to spend the night and went out for dinner at a local place. Both Jason and I have had a bit of a bug, nothing too serious, that has made us tired and ill feeling. We went to bed very early (yes, we are such party animals when the kids are away) and enjoyed our slower paced morning with Elly. We went out for lunch and a hill that we've driven twice now with no problems treated us to a nice long slide as we pulled into the turn lane. My knuckles grew whiter and whiter as I clutched the door handle, but heaven shone upon us and we stopped right where we needed to turn. It even shook Jason a wee bit.

We came back with the kids and have Jenni with us too. She's going a bit stir crazy at the house, so she's gonna stay with us. If the weather allows, we'll take her to church tomorrow. Otherwise she may end up staying till Monday... we'll just have to see what is in store for us with this storm coming in tonight.

Here are some pictures that I took the other day when Gwen and I took a long walk in the snow.

Me and my mini-me.

Our house! Its the one with the Suburban parked out front. I hate how it looks like every other house... even the color. When we have money, I'm getting our house painted!

Gwen loved walking, and falling, in the snow. If I didn't laugh when she fell, she'd say, "Mommy! You didn't laugh, now I have to do it again". She got so cold from her falls that I had to carry her back. That was hard... breaking trail through 10 inches of snow toting a 30lb kid whose boots keep falling off.

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