Saturday, December 13, 2008

We have snow!

We've had our first snowfall of the season! After an blustery night last evening, we woke up to a scant inch of snow. It melted away almost completely by the afternoon, but then it started coming down again and hasn't stopped. It just started really sticking about 2 hours ago and we're actually seeing some accumulations! I'd guess we're at about 2 inches with a steady downpour of flakes.

I love going to a store during these "winter storms". People are just so excited. I saw people with carts piled high with bottled water and other staples. Other people were buying things to make cookies and get cozy. Still others were buying snow shovels and sleds. There is a definitely a buzz in the stores when snow appears.

The kids are stoked. This morning, they got themselves dressed and out the door before breakfast. They've been out a couple times since. Gwen keeps walking around saying "I'm so happy! Snow makes me sooooo happy. Are you happy?". She is spending much of her time going from window to window to see the different views of the house. Ethan has a low fever and the sniffles, so he hasnt' been as excited. He gets more excited about the hot chocolate he gets when he comes in from the cold :)

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