Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finally, July 4th pics!

Whoever did this, I'm still waiting for you to come clean :)

I'm pretty

Don't you love taking my picture?

Feed. Me.

So sweet!

Shelly and Peter sitting in a tree ;)

Jason and Ethan having fun

My pretty sis Becki

Don't we look like we're doing something bad? Kristi, Michelle and Ben. Triple trouble!

This was what we were doing. Taking a Starbucks cup, filling it with paper, then handfuls of those snakes you light and they grow. Pretty flames.

The aftermath. Note that the burned vase (we could not find any bottles) was used as a rocket launcher, hence its burned appearance.

Gwen showing off her "sniff"

Enjoying the munchies.

When a Pitroff and Miller meet, usually hilarity ensues.

Beth was trying to retrieve something out of the stump in the front yard using a worn plastic chair set on gravel. We heard a snap. Beth was fine, but the chair was not :)

Beth up to more hijinx, though this was actually my idea. She raced down the driveway in a rickety old wagon. Good times :)

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