Monday, July 17, 2006

The kids were so cranky after their second nap... we put them to bed early to save all of our sanity.

Today Jason stayed home from work and I did tons of stuff. Cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped and vacuumed. Unpacked all but like 2 boxes, finally got all the kids clothes put away, did laundry, made brownies and various other things. Very busy. I did find the absolute best song to listen to while working... Raindrops by Stunt. That song had me dancing and cleaning at the same time (burning double the calories perhaps?).

My Dad stopped by tonight to pick up our old TV. The kids of course, were thrilled to see and play with him.

My Mom just called to say that my cousin Lindy, over in Eastern Washington, just had her baby! A little boy (they chose not to know the sex ahead of time) named Cedric Leroy. Its hard to believe that my cousins are having babies, but they are. The spacing is coming out so good... Kadin, Ethan, Gwen and now Cedric are spaced very similarly to how we all were. Hopefully they'll grow up to be as familiar and friendly with each other as we did. Congratulations to you Lindy and Tim and to all the family over there. And yay to you Lindy for going natural all the way. I'm so proud of you girl :)

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Michelle said...

Yay! Two blogs in close proximity to one another!

I wish I could come up there and visit, but hopefully I'll see you guys this weekend. Maybe I could stop by the house? I'm so curious to see it now that much of the stuff is unpacked and it's been lived in for a little while.