Sunday, July 16, 2006

So much has been going on.

Thursday I went to get my hair done and only ended up with a haircut. They didn't realize that my hair was so long and it would have taken well over the alloted time to perm it. So I just got a cut and an appointment for today :) Well, its different. Its not bad... I think I just need time to get used to it. And of course its hard to tell on the first day. Its more wavy than curly. I'm going to go back in later this upcoming week for another trim so that it lays right. Right now, my layers are still too long so it pull the curl out some.

When I was out on Thursday, I stopped by Fred Meyer and picked up some stools for our counter. At first they seemed to be great, until a screw fell out. Then a few hours later, another one fell out. So back they went. We ordered some online today that are much better quality. These will be used a lot so they have to be sturdy.

Friday, after Jason got home, I decided to do some yardwork in the back. I worked my tush off pulling weeds, clearing out plants and making some order of the mess. The former homeowners liked plants, but obviously they did not like pruning or upkeep because all the plants were waaaaay overgrown. I uprooted some and moved them to another location. I pulled up a small tree-bush thing that had dangerous looking berries on it and found a rock sculpture beneath it. I planted some lavender. I hacked and clipped and trimmed like mad. Its still rough, but its much better than it was.

Saturday J and I did some work in the front. We found a couple rose bushes that had been completely engulfed by other plants and we were able to free them. I trimmed back part of an enormous plant that was impeding my front porch and actually had to use a handsaw to remove some limbs. Still quite a bit to do out front, but progress was made.

Today, before I went in for my hair appointment, Jason went and bought a new TV. Its an HDTV, 52 inch. He says that he got it to go with his new XBox 360 :) Mom and Dad will be getting our old TV.

Anyway, we've been continuing to adjust and get used to the house. The kids and I haven't really left our little yard since we moved in... I think this next week we'll get out a bit more. There are tons of people around here during the day and the kids need playmates.

Jason met our other neighbor today. He's a single guy living with his dog, though we think his girlfriend stays with him often because there are extra cars at the house sometimes. Its kinda cool that we met both our neighbors on good terms... we're not used to that :)

Mentally, I'm feeling better. Honestly, I think that the outside work helped... something about hard physical labor has always been therapeutic for me. I'm still battling excessive exhaustion and I'm going to ask my doctor about possibly switching anti-depressants to something like Prozac, which I've heard has an energizing quality.

Tomorrow I'm going to focus on cleaning the house. Because of our outdoor work and being gone, the house was mostly ignored this weekend and it shows.

Oh, Ethan is doing just grand with his potty training! He doesn't wear diapers during the day, except for naps and then bedtime. He rarely has an accident... just tells us he needs to go and we go do it! His vocabulary is astounding... he's always talking, asking and thinking. His new favorite thing is Bob The Builder... he is positively nuts about the show... knows all the characters and will even sing the theme song :)

Gwen is walking and running to her hearts content. She's nursing a lot, which I think is part of the stress of the move. She is also talking a great deal and tagging along behind Ethan wherever he goes. She also likes Bob and will walk around saying "Bob, Bob, Bob" if she hears his name.

Ok, this is long enough for now. I really should force myself to blog every day instead of these epic posts :)

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