Saturday, July 08, 2006

Well, this is it. We are here. We are actually living here now.

The 2 or so hours we've spent here as a family so far went well. The kids and dogs, as expected, were quite overcome with the newness of it all. The kids went down with minor fussing and the dogs are currently kenneled up, somewhat unhappily, by the front door while I am standing at my counter typing. Must get some stools!

Most of the unpacking is done, though there are still boxes of toys that I doubt we will ever find room for. Our spankin' new dryer doesn't dry, so a repairman from Sears will be here Monday morning to take a look. Our DirectTv install has been a joke from beginning to end and they will be here for the 3rd time tomorrow morning to hopefully get it done right. We've been credited $250 already for their incompetence and if it doesn't happen this time, we are switching!

I've been a complete mess for the last couple days. Not sure what else to say about it. Its just been really really bad. Hopefully now that we're back at home and life can resume to some normalcy, things will calm and my head will be clear again.

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