Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have I mentioned that I STILL have the stupid sinus thing going on? Wait, I haven't told our weekend story so you don't know that on Friday I went to the doctor because the right side of my face ached, specifically the ear. I had a raging ear infection and was given antibiotics. Well, its definitely fixed the ear, but the sinus issues are still going on. It is so very tiresome to wake up every morning with a pounding headache. I swear its made my face swell even. Its just a lovely ensemble... swollen face, stuffy nose and tired eyes. I'm lookin' hot!

Today we left early in the morning to visit my Grandpa at the hospital. Traffic was grueling and it took just over an hour to do what normally takes 20 minutes. Oh how I don't miss commuting!

My Grandpa wasn't awake, and he probably won't be now that he is in hospice care. They are keeping him evenly medicated to make the passing easier. He does seem to show signs of being able to hear people though so my Grammy took the kids for a walk and I sat down and spoke with him. I could barely speak, my throat was so tight and choked up, but I was able to tell him that we loved him so much and would miss him terribly. That I was immensely thankful for his presence in my life and Jason's life and the kid's life. I told him were happy he was going to go to heaven soon and be completely healthy and strong. While he didn't open his eyes, he did make some noises and move his arms a bit. Perhaps it was nothing, but I like to think that he heard me. The kids didn't give me much time and came in while I was crying. They seemed ok with it... Ethan, ever practical, immediately asked where the tissue was and did I need one? That kid, how can you not smile at that?

I had a hard time keeping the tears back though and Grammy, though she must be so weary of tears, kindly comforted me and shared her tears as well. I really don't know how she is getting through with so little sleep and such great sorrow.

We returned home and soon after Mom dropped Jenni off. She watched the kids while I put in dedicated time towards the slide show. Wow, there are so many pictures and more coming every hour and I have no idea how pick the right ones. I did get a pretty good plan of how I want it to look, so that will help going forward with how to place and pick pictures.

Right around nap time I had to make an emergency jaunt to Target when Jenni and I realized there was not a spare diaper in the house (thankfully I had two stashed in a diaper bag for nap). While I was out, I stopped and got some fabric for some sewing projects I'm fiddling with. Now that my sewing machine is in tip top shape, there are many things I want to try. Whenever I get around to downloading pics off my camera, you'll see this adorable little smocket I made for Gwen. Considering its really the first thing I've made in ages AND its reversible, I'm pleased as punch with how it came out.

I feel completely worn out emotionally right now, so I'm gonna crash on the couch and watch some good old fashioned trashy tv (namely, America's Next Top Model. Yeah, I watch it).

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