Monday, April 09, 2007

Weekend of sick

What a weekend. What a lovely bunch of sickies are we.

It all started on Friday when Ethan was somewhat lethargic and feverish. We were supposed to have dinner with our Pastor so we called up and told them what was going on... they still wanted us to come so we went. After a rocky start, involving Ethan running out to car and sobbing, "I want to go home and see Toby" the kids had a rockin' time jumping on the trampoline and playing with the Pastor's three boys.

Saturday was the kid's birthday and Ethan was slightly worse. He did perk up though and both the kids enjoyed themselves and got such fun gifts. The biggest one being from Nana and Grandpa. A sandbox! Ethan, Gwen and Ben spent a long time out there burying things, digging them up and becoming ingrained with sand. They also got lots of fun kitchen things, bath toys, books, and a shopping cart to hold it all. Heaven :)

Saturday night was quite a bit sicker... Sunday we went back and forth endlessly trying to decide if we should go to church or not. We decided to go, mainly because I had to bring two desserts for the potluck and we had invited my family to come. Ethan was so very sick. They had to call me into the nursery because he was laying on the floor sobbing for me. He wouldn't stop coughing. Despite being drugged up, his fever was high. He wouldn't eat or drink.

Here's where we got foolish. Instead of staying home like we should have, we went over to my Mom's for egg hunting and all. I was not feeling so hot at this point either, but we hated to miss it. Ethan slept the entire time. He missed egg hunting and all the fun. Gwen didn't mind picking up the slack though. In fact, I dare say she relished in it! Everyone was astounded at how well she was speaking and her friendliness.

Right before leaving, my Mom was holding Ethan and he vomited all over her. This is when we seriously started getting worried. We went home and Gwen puked all over me though we believe it was because she got a little something in her throat and coughed so hard it made her vomit. So far she hasn't had any other symptoms other than a runny nose, thank goodness. Ethan woke up a couple times during the night, fearing that he was going to throw up. Despite his distress, he was making me giggle... He'd be holding his bowl in his bed and say, "Mom, its not working! I can't do it!" as if the bowl makes the vomit magically appear. Or, he'd say, "Mom, this bowl is too dirty for me to throw up" because there was a dog hair at the bottom.

This morning, he was even sicker and we found dark green throw up in his bed. He must have been too weak to cry loud enough to wake us up :( I called the nurse line and they wanted to see him right away. Jason took him down there and it turns out that he has bacterial pneumonia. This is the sickest he's ever been and the first time he's been on antibiotics. If he doesn't improve in 24 hours they'll want him in for an x-ray and possibly more drastic action (hospital?).

Luckily, he did eat a huge lunch and has been drinking water. He hadn't really eaten or drank much since Friday, so that was nice to see.

Meanwhile, Gwen, J and I all have congestion and the normal cold symptoms. Hopefully the breastfeeding will protect Gwen as it has in the past. Did you know that she passes germs to me and my body produces breastmilk with antibodies to combat those germs? She also gets the immunities that my body is producing against my own germs. Amazing stuff. I'm convinced that our continued breastfeeding has protected her from so many illnesses. It makes me wish that Ethan hadn't weaned as early as he did and would still drink breastmilk.

We have pics, but I think we left the camera at my Mom's (Mom, could you check?) so it'll have to wait until the next time we see her.

Pray for us please? That Ethan will get better and no drastic measures will need to be taken. Thanks :)


Anonymous said...

My poor baby Ethan! :-( Give him a big huge hug from Aunt Becki and tell him to get better.

Anonymous said...

I pray Ethan gets better soon. Poor baby. And poor you.

Kim Hoppes