Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Mariners game was great! I think the seats we got (right off Ticketmaster) were the best we've ever had too. Right behind home plate. It was so nice to go and enjoy the stadium and the excitement.

Unfortunately, we had some very uncomfortable seat partners, but on the upside, they kept us warm on a cold night :)

Ethan is in his "first" stage. He wants to do everything first. He wants to say things first, he wants to go potty first, walk up the stairs first, play with that toy first. Everything first! We are working with him to understand that sometimes you have to go second. He's not fond of the concept!

His speech is coming along so well. He chatters round the clock and expresses himself, in my opinion, very well for a 3 year old. We purchased a kitchen as a joint gift for him and Gwen and they love it! He's always cooking us up something, then washing the dishes in his sink and putting them away. Its so cute! I can't wait to get some play food... right now they are pretending and doing a really good job, but they'll enjoy having something in hand.

Both Gwen and Ethan are doing well with potty training. Ethan is like 80% there. Diapers still at night and naps, but during the day he's pretty reliable. Gwen is diaperless at home, but still can't be trusted out and about. We aren't really pushing anything with Gwen as she is not even 2 yet... everything she is doing is her own.

Gwen adores her "babu" (brother) and he in turn is learning to show kindness to her as well. He often takes her to the potty chair for me and she will accompany him upstairs to find whatever he needs. Both save me trips :) A charming development in their relationship has been that Ethan is translating from Gwen to us. If we can't understand what she is saying, most the time we can ask Ethan and he will tell us what she means. This is actually VERY helpful, especially in the car because Gwen tends to speak very quietly. Ethan likes to shout out what she is trying to say!

She is the worlds slowest eater though. I'm sitting here watching her working on the same two waffles she's had for an hour. Slow but steady....

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