Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm excited to share the information about our marriage conference, but more pressing matters are at mind.

My Grandpa has just a few days now, if that. He's not taking in food and he's in hospice care.

As I was upstairs washing up, I thought of what my Mom told me earlier today. That around 12 family members (mostly cousins) prayed with my Grandpa, read him verses and sang. When they sang, he woke up for a bit. He didn't speak, but he looked and smiled and seemed happy. I thought about how everyone is making multiple trips, hard trips, to see him and be a support to my Grammy and other members of the family. As I was thinking about this I had this image in my mind. Its sewing related which has been a hobby I've been doing lately, so please forgive me for using it :)

I had this image of a seam being ripped apart and then right behind it, a needle sewing the two sides together again. It wasn't perfect, it wasn't the same as before but it was just as strong. I know its odd, but that is totally how I see my family in this time. We are being torn apart, but we are binding together as well. We won't be the same, but we will be equally as strong.

As most of you know, my family (immediate, extended, and VERY extended) are such a big part of our lives. This ripping apart was a big fear for me... that this large, warm and loving group wouldn't be repairable when my Grandpa was gone, so this image meant a lot to me.

Tomorrow morning the kids and I will go down and hopefully catch him awake. Jenni will be over in the afternoon to watch the kids while I finally put together this slideshow that I wanted to have done months ago for my Grandpa. He likely will never see it, but it will be something special for all of us as a remembrance.

Your prayers and words of encouragement have meant so much to us and we thank you for them.

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