Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I wanted to post pictures of my roses before the die and I have to wait for new blooms!

The one is by far the largest in the garden. You can see that its as big as my hand (and I have big man hands)! Its odor is like sugar. Super sweet.

I like the water on the petals in this pic. This is my traditional rose. Smells and looks great!

My favorite one in the garden. These just opened (there are about 10 other buds about to open too). They smell like sun-ripe tomatoes. Ok, that sounds kinda dorky, but its true. Its a wonderful smell.

Another huge bloom. These have a light citrus smell.

My second favorite rose for smell, my favorite for color! These smell very good... like limes mixed with sugar.

View of the front of the house. My purple rhodies are dying back but still have color! I love my orange azalea too!

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