Monday, June 25, 2007

I've churned out a few more items of clothing and I'm quite proud of them.

First was this peasent style shirt (Simplicity 3732). The only thing I do not like is that the sleeves are a little wingy and the opening where the tie joins isn't as large as I'd like. Both things are easily changed next time though :)

(note to self: smile!)

After that I tackled the first skirt from my Amy Butler Barcelona Skirts pattern. The layered skirt. It was much easier than I thought it would be, though somewhat tedious because there are many peices to join together.

Here's a close up... you can see how there isn't a folded hem where the pieces join, they're just overlapped. It will fray slightly with time... that is part of its look.

(another note to self: learn how to take better self portraits!)


Becki said...

I love that shirt and skirt. The pattern on the skirt is awesome! Good work!

Beth said...

Those are so stinking cute! I've had the sewing bug lately even though I haven't sewed a piece of clothing since that time at church (and we all remember how that turned out)Maybe I'll stick to my quilt.

Katie said...

I tried making a dress once...notice I said tried? I made all my bedding and Ethan's bedding. So as long as I can sew straight lines I am good. Next I am going to make a "castle" wall for Ethan's loft bed, so we can play fort.