Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yesterday was horrible.

It started out fine, me having a slight headache but nothing worth bitching about :) I was able to wash all the laundry we had piled up (a frightening amount) and sort it, and clean the kitchen from top to bottom. By the time I'd finished this though, my head hurt considerably more.

I was stupid and hoarded my migraine meds and instead took two Percosets I had from when Gwen was born. Why. Why did I do this when I know that Percosets mess me up? Anyway, I could barely keep awake after taking those so I put the kids down for nap and laid in bed, drifting off now and then. Jason woke me at 5 and my head hurt even worse than before.

Jason made us some pizza and I forced down one tiny slice before popping two tylenol and two advil. Another mistake. Within 1 1/2 hour I had barfed it all up and couldn't stand alone I was so dizzy and ill. My dear husband really showed his stuff by taking care of the kids all night, making dinner and tending to me. I crashed into bed at 8:30, thinking I'd take my migraine meds at 9. But when Jason came up at 9 I was asleep, clutching my meds in my hand. We decided that since I was so tired we should skip it for now and try and sleep it off.

Well, indeed, I seem to have slept most of it off. Its still in the back of my head, tickling my eyes now and then, but it seems under control. I've not had a migraine that bad in years and while I often feel dreadfully nauseous, I can't remember ever throwing up! Horrible stuff.

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Beth said...

Oh Kristi, that sounds horrible! Glad you're at least a little better!