Friday, June 08, 2007

Yesterday was another tiring day. Grammy came to watch the kids at 10am and I went out and ran some errands, went to the library and grocery shopped. Got back at around 1:30, fought the kids to bed and crashed myself on the couch.

Unfortunately, Ethan started getting sick at around dinnertime. He didn't want to eat, which isn't unusual, but he kept saying his tummy hurt and then his head started hurting too. By the time he went to bed he was burning up. We dosed him with Advil and hoped for the best. However, by 10pm we'd already been up 3 times with the kids, and it didn't stop. At 11 I brought Ethan into our bed because he was uncomfortable and still very hot... 103.3 with Advil still in his system! For whatever reason he was SO talkative. At 12pm, we gave him some Tylenol and that seemed to help but at this point Gwen was waking up constantly and saying, "Snuggle me". She refused to let me lay her down even after nursing. Oh, and the best part? Finding out at 1am that you have no diapers in the freaking house! Yeah. That was just great. Suffice to say that I ended up sleeping on the nursery floor with Gwen (who insisted on having her little arms wrapped around my head in order to sleep) while Ethan and Jason slept in our bed. The second best part was getting up at 5am.

Ethan is doing much better today though. Despite picking over his breakfast he was feeling more upbeat.

We went outside and did a huge amount of work. I like living bumped up to this NGA (natural growth area). We wouldn't have chosen the house if it didn't have it... provides so much privacy and shade. Problem is, the NGA keeps trying to invade our postage stamp yard. So I hacked and slashed and dug up and pulled weeds and basically got myself filthy dirty and sweaty. Then I prepped our raised bed for grass. Unfortunately, the raised bed was more or less a dumping ground for waste soil so everything we've tried to plant has failed. I've given in and will just plant grass there and when folks come they can sit on it and it will be like extra seating. So we hacked at the soil, trying to get at least 2-3 inches of loose dirt. Then we picked out the rocks, of which there were many. Ethan finally was able to use his "Muck" (enormous dump truck) for its rightful purpose! Moving dirt and rocks :) Then we spread the seed, raked, filled in the spots and watered. We're hoping for the best!

Due to all his hard work, Ethan devoured 3 snacks and lunch with nary a complaint. Gwen was so tired she asked to nurse and before I could get her latched on she was asleep. So they're both in bed right now and I dashed out to put up our new squirrel/bird feeder. FINALLY I can shower. The only clean part of me at this moment are my fingers and technically, there is dirt under my fingernails !

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