Monday, June 11, 2007

Today I am SuperWoman!

Today while I was putting the finishing touches on making the kitchen sparkle, I noticed that there was a big old puddle of water in my cleaning supplies bin that is stored under the sink. Hoping it was just a leaky bottle, I investigated more and found that it was coming from the disposer... from inside the disposer. Googling informed me that this was quite bad.

Luck was on our side, as we had a disposer on hand from the old house that we never got around to installing. It was the same make and slightly newer model. I was going to wait until Jason got home but then I was like, "My entire free time will be taken up by waiting and then installing the thing. I'd rather sew." So I got the kids some lunch and set to work.

The old one...

Upon disconnecting the drain pipe, I found this lovely ick. This wasn't causing the leak, but pretty darn yucky just the same.

The wiring was the easiest part of the whole deal.

There was a holdup when the new disposer had a slightly longer attachment ring than the old one, thus preventing that cross pipe from fitting. I tried everything, but finally broke out the hacksaw and took off about 1/2 inch. Voila! I was quite proud of myself for doing that.

My finished project. All done with two interested toddlers trying to screw things on and off and run away with dirty pipes and wanting to pick through the ick and sitting on my lap saying, "I helping you Mommy".

I am good.


Murphy's Law said...

wow Kristi, that is very impressive! I'm sure I would have waited for dh to just do it. He's far more handy than I!

Good for you!

April said...

I'm impressed....wanna come do mine next? I have a drain that is plugged too! ;)

Becki said...

That is the grossest disposal junk I have seen, ever! Did you toss a dead bird in there?? Ewww! Congrats though on getting that baby repaired. I don't think I would have attemted it. The videos of the kiddos are so cute...I've played them all about 10 times today.